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Deed Poll for Change of Name Legally in Singapore

What is a Deed Poll?

A Deed Poll is a legal document created by a person for purpose of changing his or her name. A change of name includes adding a name, removing a name or rearranging an existing name.

When do you need a Deed Poll in Singapore?

When you wish to change your name officially, you will need to sign a Deed Poll.

You will need to update the change of your name in your Singapore identity card and your Singapore passport, by bringing the original Deed Poll and a copy of it to the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority of Singapore.

Who needs to sign the Deed Poll?

  • The person who wishes to change his or her name needs to sign the Deed Poll.
  • The signature has to be duly witnessed by a Singapore lawyer.

How do you change the name of a person who is under 21 years of age?

To change the name of a minor (a person below 21 years old), the parent may sign the Deed Poll on behalf of the minor child.

The parent will need to fill in a form at the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority declaring that the other parent has also consented to the name change.

What is the procedure to obtain a Deed Poll?

Deed Poll Procedure Singapore
  1. You need to engage a solicitor to prepare the Deed Poll in Singapore.
  2. The Deed Poll needs to be signed at our office in the presence of a lawyer. If you wish to get a Deed Poll done, you just need to contact us at our hotline: 63231261 or email us at  to arrange for an appointment.
  3. Our staff will obtain from you a copy of your current identity card, the spelling of your new name and fix an appointment for you to sign the Deed Poll at our office.
  4. You will be able to collect your duly executed Deed Poll on the same day of your appointment.

Deed Poll for Children

For parent signing on behalf of their child, only the parent needs to attend at our office to sign the Deed Poll. The child need not be present. The parent needs to bring the original birth certificate for verification at our office on the appointment date.

Costs of a Deed Poll?

We only charge $120 per Deed Poll for a change of English name. If there is a change of name in Chinese characters, we charge $150 per Deed Poll.

Common FAQs for Deed Polls & Change of Names

Other than a Deed Poll, is there any other way to change my name in the identity card?

Yes. If you are baptised with a religious name, you may wish to provide your baptism certificate to the ICA.

Or, if you are a newly married woman, you may wish to provide your marriage certificate to the ICA for insertion of your married name.

When does the change of name take effect?

The change of name is effected on the day the Deed Poll is duly executed at the law firm.

What are the common reasons for change of name?

There are many reasons, but the usual reasons include:

  1. To add a Christian or western name to one’s existing name. For example, from “Lim Ai Ling” to “Valerie Lim Ai Ling”.
  2. If one dislikes an existing name or there is a spelling error in an existing name.
  3. A new name is given by a geomancer or feng shui expert for good luck

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