Divorce 101

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Who decide a child’s upbringing & welfare?A parent that has been granted with care and control of the child has the right to make daily decisions about a child’s upbringing and welfare. This right naturally belongs to the parent with whom the child lives.In certain situations, the Court may find it suitable to grant shared

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What is the Mandatory Parenting Programme?The Mandatory Parenting Programme is a one-to-one consultation session for parents with one or more children below 21 years old, before they file for divorce.  It is compulsory for persons who want to file a divorce, but cannot agree with their spouses on the matters relating to divorce and care

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1. Don’t threaten your spouse with a divorce unless you mean it.If you think that using the word “divorce” might knock some sense into your husband/wife’s head, please think again. Often, divorce clients tell their lawyers that the main reason for filing a divorce is because their spouses have been constantly threatening them with divorce.Are

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